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    PREP for Success publishes curriculum-based activity books for elementary students in both English and French. Created by Canadian teachers for Canadian students, these books will give your child a Learning Advantage.

  • Learning Advantage

    The Learning Advantage series of English activity books is created by Canadian teachers for Canadian students. The series extends from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 7. Details

  • En route vers le succÈs

    The En route vers le succès series of activity books for French Immersion students extends from Kindergarten through Grade 7. Suitable for students in French Immersion, for English-speaking students who wish to improve their French language skills, or even for students whose first language is French. Details

  • GR 3, 6 EQAO & GR 9 Math

    For many students in Ontario, the EQAO testing program will be their first experience in taking a formalized test. Our inexpensive books offer information and resources for parents, and practice tests for students in Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 9 Math.Details

  • Language Toolkit & OSSLT

    Our resource for the Grade 10 OSSLT (Literacy Test) provides information and practice for students. Language Toolkit is a workbook designed to give students the knowledge they need about the English language to excel in Secondary school and beyond. Details


If you're a new customer, please take the time to discover why we have sold more than 100,000 copies of our activity books for elementary students in both English and French.


About Dr. Don

The publisher of Prep for Success has been involved in Ontario education for more than 45 years. He served as a classroom teacher in all divisions in elementary schools, including primary special education.

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Helping you to help your child

Give your children the learning advantagePrep for Sucess publications provide an affordable way to enhance learning from JK to high school to prepare students for future success. Our books are truly Canadian, and are based on approved educational practices that will help you to help your child get a Learning Advantage (formerly Summer Advantage books).